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Cedar Winter Support Salve 2oz

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Small Batch : Home Made

Ive been creating friendships with these trees for quite some amount of years before I asked for permission to experience their “medicine”. With Cedar in particular I took my time. This salve has been very nourishing to me & I’m excited to share it with you. Both working on aches and pains while uplifting at the same time- this is from the focus on Solar Plexus rejuvenation vs expansion or grounding etc. Place some of this right where the ribs don’t touch- beneath the sternum- for maximum spiritual sensations. That’s where I’ve been placing it for my morning meditations lately.

Along with Cedar we have working with us

Pine, lavender, rosemary, calendula, coconut, vitamin e, beeswax, calendallila wax & shea butter. All organic food grade.

If you’ve had my balms & salves before this one is a little less soft than my Calendula one. It’s meant to be soft for use on joints, makes it easier to warm up.

I made just this many…

We have:

two 2oz glass jars

six 1oz tins

five 1/2 oz tins (this is the pocket size one)

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One 2oz glass container of homemade Cedar Salve perfect for winter even if it’s not REALLY winter weather where you are…


Cedar Winter Support Salve 2oz

0 ratings