Mixed Media on Jewery

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Fine Art on Jewelry

Art by Faern has never been wearable before which means YOU are the first to experience it. These are Mixed Media on paper behind a glass dome on stainless steel metals made to look like other kinds of metal.

note- keep in mind there’s only one of any of these. If for some reason two people try to buy the same one- I will look at the time purchased and email the second one.

The Art is about the size of a quarter.

All ready to wear. Only these are available at this time.

each is one of a kind…. Here they all are…

1 Yellow Art brushed faux gold

2 light Blue & Green with black line & black pendant

3 Dark green & blue with faux gold

4 Blue green & purple on “gunmetal” silver

5 Green on “Copper”

6 White green & blue on “silver”

7 White blue & green with black line on black stainless

8 Purple and purple with black lines on “copper”

9 Green and blue with black line on faux gold

10 Bluegreen on “copper”

11 Light purple on “gunmetal”

12 Yellow & Green on brushed “gold”

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You’ll receive a single necklace with one of a kind Art behind glass on it.

One of a kind

Mixed Media on Jewery

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