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Mystic Faern
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Energy Aware Human

Get centered in your octave monthly with these options…

OCTAVE with Faern

is a new series of offerings intended to increase awareness around the note we sound. Below you can choose what you receive.

The ONLY by mail option right now
10 of 11 available

Raise the octave you are interacting with, here's an option for those of you wanting a cool thing in the mail:

OIL & STONE $21.21 includes shipping

I love to pair oils and stones or crystals so I created this as a possibility for you to enjoy as well. Instead of sending the oil only- monthly this turns into a lot- I have created natural ways to use the oils in order to share with you.

HERE is the schedule:

March: Salve
April: Oil (exclusive to supporters)
May: Sugar Scrub
June: Oil (exclusive to supporters)
July: Bath Salts (these can also be used for feet)
August: Muscle Balm
Sept: Oil (exclusive to supporters)
October: Salve
November: another type of scrub
December: Winter Transition Oil (think 1212)
January: Protection oil (think a prosperous new year)

ALL Subscribers receive the following regardless of monthly amount:

*A recorded Guided Meditation via email. This will be a less formal recording- very much in the moment in the form of a video. You will need to be on the email list and pay attention to it to get this- I may be in your spamola box.

*Discounts in the store.

*Discounts on my workshops

below is a sample of a meditation from me…


“Oil & Stone”

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