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Oracle Card Reading - to be posted online

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If you are seeing this here it is not a mistake- only a small few available but this also may disappear at any time. This is a TINY MINUSCULE fraction of the cost and is only here for spiritual reasons- take advantage of it.

These particular readings are the same as my regular reading with only one main difference (besides a lower cost to you)-

These are posted publicly. This gives me an opportunity to share what I do with more people without the reading being from broader collective energy. If you do not have a You Tube or a TikTik account, I do not suggest this reading for you.

How this works:

I take time to tap in via meditation and create a connection with Healed Benevolent Ancestors Guides and Guardians in order to create a container to work with your energy ( I do not send a recording of this part). From this space I begin to draw cards and create a conversation with Spirit.

All of my readings are to assist you in gaining some insight around where you are in your life right now. They work best if we keep them as a broad spectrum- they turn out the most insightful this way. Of course- if you have some specific area you want to focus on we can- keep in mind I do not do predictions or anything like that.

Remote readings are just that- remote. I do them and send it to you in some way. These are the most successful.

Call readings are done by video call preferably and are very focused- otherwise the conversation goes to far off and away from the reading. Call readings are not the same as a Spiritual Guidance talk and are a VERY limited availability.


  • reading is done within 3 days- unless your order comes in on the weekend then it takes a day longer
  • this is intended to be posted on either TikTok or YouTube
  • please provide a way for me to link you on your chosen platform
This product is not currently for sale.

You will get an email that says it is posted. It is best if you give us your tiktok handle.


Oracle Card Reading - to be posted online

0 ratings